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Samsung 27" HDTV, Infocus X1, or something else? (1 Viewer)

Paul Seyfarth

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 7, 2001
I am trying to figure out what I want for my new tv. I am getting this so I will have something until they come out with true HD resolution TV's that are in my price range. It seems that the prices are droping quickly and they are getting more features. It seems that maybe the drop in price of the X1 means that they could be coming out with a new one soon?

This stuff Is making me go insane, I have no idea what I should get.

I do have a room where I can control the light. I am kind of scared that I might see rainbows, or that the resolution of the X1 in widscreen might not be good enough, and I would like the Samsung 27" instead. But the 27" is kind of small. I just have an old 19 or 20 tv right now, and could use that to watch some of the less important stuff if I had a projector.

I will be playing video games, watching basic cable, DVD's and HDTV. I am thinking of ordering the projector, and maybe also the samsung tv that way I can test them both out.

Any other suggestions, also what receiver should I get for receiving OTA hdtv? Should I if I will be able to get HDTV from comcast soon?

Masood Ali

Supporting Actor
Jan 31, 2002
I think Comcast may plan on offering HDTV in the summer.

As for the X1 vs. 27" argument, I'd say you should definitely demo the X1 first and forget about the Samsung. I have a feeling it will surprise you, and if you don't notice any rainbows, it's a no brainer.

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