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Saludos Amigos & Three Caballeros

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Argonavis, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Argonavis

    Argonavis Auditioning

    Nov 29, 2018
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    Hello! I've been looking for an uncensored release of Saludos Amigos & The Three Caballeros with a Brazilian Portuguese language track. My hope, within reason, is to see these features as they might originally have been presented in Brazil. It would be ideal if this were a Region 1 (NTSC) release.

    I'm asking on this forum because I've only found English & Spanish versions, although much of the time the language tracks aren't mentioned in product descriptions. At this point I'm curious which releases even include a Portuguese track, or whether I'm hunting for a unicorn.

    I would appreciate any insights you might have.

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