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Salon Sums Up May Cliffhangers (1 Viewer)

Roberto Carlo

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Apr 14, 2002
I thought that this was hilarious and sums up my feelings about those idiotic cliffhangers.
Out with the old ...
The TV season ends in an orgy of sex, birth, death and other life-changing events.
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By Carina Chocano
May 25, 2002 | Anyone who has watched too much television in the last couple of decades knows that May is National Unresolved Issues Month. As series frantically tug at loose threads in an attempt to lure us back in the fall, we dutifully sit through births, deaths, shocking reversals, surprising verdicts, sudden elopements, unforeseen riots and bizarre outbreaks of diseases long ago eradicated. Between the season-ending cliffhangers (which, once, in happier, pre-"Dallas" times, were exclusive to daytime soaps), the mawkish series-changing events (babies, weddings, babies and weddings) and the obsessive-compulsive retreads of old ratings glory days that have recently plagued prime time (you have Carol Burnett to thank for the "That's Incredible," "Laverne & Shirley," "American Bandstand," "The Cosby Show: A Look Back," "20 Years of Must See TV" and "Take 75" specials), the networks seemed especially entrenched in old patterns this year.
Of course, there's nothing like a very special episode to make us realize we don't really care.
The rest of the article has been snipped.
Admin note: In an effort to respect the copyrights of others, please seek out the rest of the article over at Salon - perhaps Roberto will be nice enough to provide us with a link later.

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