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Sep 18, 2006
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Want to replace the small stereo in all our retails stores with PC based
speakers. Need to replace these as they often break or staff forget to
turn change music or whatever.. Many pubs these days seem to play music
off there PC so want to setup something like that...

But three problems I see so far
1. speaker cable length, ones like creative and others dont seem to be
able to have long speaker length..
2. Is how to deliver the music. Would prefer some device that can play
all day without interference. But also small and not a PC as all the
shops use Terminal Services devices so there are no real PC in the
shops.. Was thinking a cheap media player any suggestions??
3. Last thing is I would love to be able to play different music at the
same time but thru different speakers. Like in one half of the shop play
relaxation music and the other half play smooth jazz...Although I dont
think this is possible on one system right??

Please anyone with any suggestions would be appreciated.
WIth specific brands..cost is imprtant as the volume would always be low.



Alon Goldberg

Jul 10, 2006
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Alon Goldberg
You may want to consider the Yamaha RX-N600 Network Receiver ($450). Here are some features:

Network Receiver
Using a local area network (LAN) connection and Windows Media Connect technology ver.2 or better, Yamaha Network enabled receivers allow you to play MP3, WMA and WAV music from up to four (4) PC’s. The receiver can even be used as a client for Yamaha’s MusicCAST home music server, seamlessly integrating with the MCX-2000 digital audio server within your LAN. The Network Receiver also provides the ability to listen to any of the thousands of stations available on Internet radio when connected to a broadband Internet connection. By using the included MP3 vTuner data service that is enabled, looking for content on the Internet couldn’t be easier, from your favorite Rock, Pop, or R&B to Podcasts that cater to your music interests. With a USB terminal on the front panel you now have a convenient way to play music from USB flash drives and portable USB music players. Yamaha Network Receivers get you connected to the vast music content available anywhere on your LAN and on the web.

Other Notable Features
Made for iPod
XM - XM Ready
XM HD Surround Sound
Zone 2 control and Zone on/off switch on front panel


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Apr 27, 2004
Though I myself won't pay for it, how about satellite radio?

By The Way - playing music in a retail environment requires that you pay royalties. Probably nearly no-one does, though.

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