SALE: lifesize replica "Rick's Cafe Americain" NEON SIGN - Casablanca!

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  1. Micah Cohen

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    I have a large 6ft x 8ft working neon sign replica of the sign over the door of Rick's bar in the film CASABLANCA: "Rick's Cafe Americain." I need to sell it!

    Maybe you love the film CASABLANCA? Maybe you're building a CASABLANCA-themed home theater? Maybe you collect neon signs? Or movie memorabilia? This is a truly one-of-a-kind item!

    [*]Approx 6ft x 8ft, about 1ft deep, 2-level sheet metal structure.
    [*]Custom made for a single-location restaurant marquee, saved from demolition.
    [*]Interior steel struts removed for easy 2-man lifting. (Two struts remain for professional hanging.)
    [*]Custom-wired for home 120w electric use. (Industrial transformer has been removed.) Works!
    [*]Custom-cut, custom-installed Plexiglass protective shield.
    [*]Please note: This is the not the actual sign used in the film. This is merely a huge, custom-made working replica. Would look awesome in your home theater.
    I am located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the sign is big, heavy, fragile (glass!) and can not be shipped. It can be carried away, though, in a truck with lots of padding. (That's how it got here, from Baltimore, many years ago.)

    If you're interested, you can email me directly. I have pictures and an info sheet I can send you. If you know a CASABLANCA fanatic who would just plotz to have something like this, please bring us together!

    Thank you!

    M Cohen
    Charlotte, NC USA

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    Hmmmmm, very tempting for any movie buff named "Rick". :)

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