Sacheen Littlefeather missing from Godfather set.

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    On the bonus disc, they show the original video tape from the 1973 Oscar ceremony of The Godfather winning Best Screenplay and Best Picture. But they didn't show us Marlon Brando winning Best Actor for The Godfather. This was the famous moment when Brando sent up the infamous Sacheen Littlefeather to "refuse" his award and make her speech about the plight of the American Indian. It would have been neat to see this as it has become part of The Godfather lore. I guess Coppola or Paramount thought it was inappropriate for the set but I disagree.
    By the way, it turned out that Ms. Littlefeather was a Mexican-Indian actress named Maria Cruz but Brando's intentions were honorable. He just picked the wrong time and place to express them.
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    The Littlefeather section of the Oscar presentation can, however, been found on the VHS or laser video of OSCAR'S GREATEST MOMENTS, no doubt available on eBay for a song.

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