SACD vs DVD-A Comparison

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    I know this is a topic that has probably been discussed ad nauseum on this forum, but I was hoping for some help anyway. I am writing a short report on the differences, advantages/disadvantages, etc between the new hi-rez formats and am having trouble sorting through all of the discussion here. If anyone could either direct me to a specific post on the subject or to an outside webpage with info on the two formats I would be very grateful.

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    This is a more technical view of the formats. In terms of clientele, SACD is largely targeted toward audiophiles who prefer stereo, while DVD-Audio is targeted toward people with DVD players who enjoy surround sound. Both SACD and DVD-Audio are capable of high resolution stereo and surround sound playbacks.
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    Jeremy, both formats can offer resolution better than CD. Each has a catalog of available software, one of which may be more or less to your liking. In order to get the better resolution, one needs a player that will play the formats. A DVD-A will play in any DVD player, most frequently with a 5.1 mix, either DD or DTS or both. Not all DVD-As contain hi-resolution stereo tracks, some only multi-channel. In order to navigate the disc and know what one is playing on a DVD-A disc placed in a DVD player, a video display is needed (also needed for some universal machines that play both formats). An SACD can also be a hybrid, containing both a CD layer and an SACD layer or it can be a single layer SACD, meaning it will only play in an SACD player. Sony's discs to this point have been single layer, but that may change shortly. An SACD single layer can also contain both a stereo and multi-channel mix. A hybrid, in addition to a CD layer can also contain either a stereo only or both a stereo and multi-channel SACD mix. Many of the online stores like carry both DVD-A and SACD so you can see the type of material that is available. For multi-channel stuff, this is a good site for DVD-A - and for multi-channel SACD,

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