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  1. Bob Mosesso

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    Jan 20, 2002
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    Hooking up my HT system & need some adivce.

    EQ is as follows:

    HK-520 AV Reciever

    Echostar Sat Reciever-C-Band/Composite Out ONLY

    Panasonic-RV-31 DVD Player

    Mitsubichi VCR-Composite Out Only

    Sony 40" Wega-(it's on the way)

    Here is the Question????

    I only want to run 1 Video Cable if possible out of the reciever to the TV.

    If I use S-Video out of the DVD & use Compostie out of the SAT reciever & VCR into the Reciever, Can I use S-Video as the only cable out of the reciever to the TV?? Other wise will the signal be converted in the reciever or will it allow it to pass through??

    Another question I have is concerning HDTV.

    I plan sometime in the future to retire the C-band dish & convert to the little dish with a HD Reciever.What outputs are used to get the best possible picture. Can you still use s-video or is component required??

    Thought if I was gonna run cables, I might as well get this knocked out know, considering I have to go down walls, crawl under the house & back up wall to feed in to the TV. Yeah kinda of crazy set up.

    Thanks in advance for your input,

  2. Bob McElfresh

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    Hi Bob. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]
    I'm afraid that the only way to get HD signals to your TV is with Component (3 wire) connections.
    The other bad news is that your receiver will NOT convert one signal type to the other. If you run Composite & SVideo inputs to the receiver, you must run both types out to the TV. And then you must switch both the receiver and the TV when you toggle between say the DVD and VCR.
    What some people do is try and use SVideo only. They go to Radio Shack and buy the little $20 adaptor that converts Composite to SVideo for the older devices. It does not do a great job, but it works.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Jason Wolters

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    Dec 18, 2001
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    Don't forget about the option of running some of the video signals straight to the TV. It is hard to see the picture on the receiver you know. [​IMG]
    Remember that you will likely have several inputs on the back of your wega. S-Video will be one of them. Feed at least the DVD player S-Video directly into one of the TV inputs. This is a much better idea than converting S-Video back down to composite. You will be moving backwards. If you have a good universal remote, your remote won't care if you are switching inputs on the receiver or on the TV. The only difference will be in the way the wires are ran.

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