S-Video looks warped for video games :(

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    I have 2 game systems, a PS2 and a Dreamcast. I bought a new TV, a Panasonic Tau 27" about 6 months ago .. it's just a regular TV nothing special but it has a great picture for TV and DVDs. I have everything plugged into my receiver, and my receiver connected to the TV's S-video spot in the back.
    Whenever I play games on either system, the upper left corner of the screen is like bent in. I have some graphics, like borders, etc, running off the screen in some spots, along the edges of the screen. Basically toward the edges the picture is warped looking. I thought maybe it was the receiver not handling s-video switching good, so I hooked each game system up to the tv seperately and I had the same exact problems. But, if I use the game's original composite connection, the picture looks fine (just not quite as pretty as s-video can be)
    I have a friend with a dreamcast and a 40" widescreen tv, and he says he gets the same problems.
    Anyone know if there's any way possible to fix this? If I were to use the component video connection for my PS2, would that fix it? My TV has 1 component video spot and my receiver can hold 2 component devices so I could hook up my PS2 and DVD player that way, I guess... but I don't want to waste the money on cables that won't do anything....
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    Sorry but this is an attribute of the Taus. My local dealer noticed this problem and, last I checked, they were try to see if Panasonic would cover it under warranty. The anomoly happened on their display whenever a dvd source was being displayed. If I were you, try to see if Panasonic can recommend a local authorized repair shop to come to your place. Otherwise, you may be stuck.

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