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s-video converter

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Bill$D, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Bill$D

    Bill$D Auditioning

    Apr 7, 2004
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    I recently set up a ht with a Benq pb7200 projector. My receiver is from an Onkyo ht-s760 home theater in a box system. I have a 35 foot s-video cable running to the projector. I connect my dvd player to the onkyo with a combination rca and s-video cable. That works great. My problem is getting cable tv through. According to the onkyo manual if my video signal out is s-video my input video must also be s-video. My vcr does not have s-video out. I e-mailed onkyo and they suggested an s-video converter. I did some surfing to find more about s-video converters. I found anything from a $3 cable converter to a $130 monster s-video converter. I'm wondering what I need at this point. Another option may be to buy a vcr with s-video out if that is possible. Gateway sells a dvd recorder for about $300 that I assume has its own tuner. That may also be an option. If anyone can offer any advise on this subject I would appreciate it. Thanks---Bill
  2. Allan Jayne

    Allan Jayne Cinematographer

    Nov 1, 1998
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    I use a JVC 3911U S-VHS VCR. This was their least expensive model that has an S-video input as well. Cable TV can be fed in either through the video in or the antenna in dependin g on your cable box, and comes out as S-vidoe excellently.

    A bonus, even regular VHS tapes play slightly better with S-video out from the VCR but only S-VHS VCR's have S-video out.

    About your RCA and S-video cable from the DVD player, you would leave the yellow jack on the player empty when using S-video.

    Video hints:

    Technically you want something with a 3 line adaptive comb filter or better yet a 3D comb filter. Just "digital" doesn't give you enough information about a comb filter. Just about any composite to S-video converter costing less than USD $100. has a different cheaper kind of filter (probably a notch filter or bandpass filter) and the results are "way inferior".

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