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    Do they have s-video in and out?? I'm wanting to run the s-video from my satellite receiver, to my vcr, and then onto the tv. I just don't have enough ins and outs on my TV and sat. receiver. Hope that all makes sense. thanks.
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    Nov 9, 2001
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    Most should. Go to the companies website and look at the specs. They should list it.
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    Andrew, Mitsu has an S-VHS machine that has S-Video pass-thru. So it's made to be put between your sat reciever and display. When the VCR is off, it passes the signal cleanly. I don't think anybody else has this. Sorry, I can't remember the model #....best wishes!
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    Analog channels may or may not come through better using S-video. It depends on the quality of the comb filter in the satellite receiver box. If your TV has a better comb filter a composite cable may be desirable in addition to the S-video cable. Compare the picture quality both ways. The digital channels (not digitized analog) will still be better with S-video.
    Some S-VHS VCR's require that you go into their setup menu to decide whether the composite jack or the S-video input jack will be alive. My JVC is one of these. This may make it difficult to plan for the best quality from analog channels, unless you can run the S-video sat. receiver output to the VCR and the composite output directly to the TV or A/V receiver.
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