S&V - no response from Marantz re: SR7200

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    Jun 23, 2001
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    I just received the new Dec issue of Sound & Vision mag today. I immediately looked for a response from Marantz or a follow-up from S&V re: the review of the SR7200 receiver last month, without any luck.
    Maybe next month? or maybe never? The FEEDBACK section did have a response from "Lexicon" re: S&V's review last month, so S&V could have published a response from Marantz if they had received one.
    Anyway, I thought some of you would be interested in this info.
  2. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Marantz is a little sketchy here. I picked up my SR 6200 from the distributor and the tech said he fixed the S-video noise problem, couldn't reproduce my audio drop-outs problems, even with 6 different players (3 CD and 3 DVD players) and he said he hasn't fully fixed the audio noise. The woman on the phone said the tech measured it within sped from Marantz, and yet, when I picked it up, he couldn't look me in the eye, as he mumbled something like, "The audio noise is less now, but when you really crank it up, you can still hear noise", and then he looked down at my receiver and nervously fidgeted saying "we are contacting Marantz....we are waiting for Marantz to get back to us..."
    I'll test my receiver tomorrow and if I'm not happy with it, I'll take it to the store, and they'll test it there against others. I might have them get it repaired by their licenced repair tech, or trade it in for an Onkyo or ?????????
    Whats the equivalent of the SR 6200 in power and features in the Pioneer line ??
  3. Jeff D.

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    Jul 10, 1999
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    The official response from Marantz, sent to their dealers and available for public consumption:
    SR7200 Review Sound & Vision Q&A
    Q: Was the unit reviewed defective?
    A: Yes, the unit reviewed was defective.
    Q: What's the power output of the SR-7200?
    A: The power rating is 105 watts per channel. That means that any channel will put out 105 watts. Typically, in a real life music or home theater situation, the same signal is not sent to six channels at the same time. With all six channels driven simultaneously, the SR-7200 should put out 70 watts to each channel.
    **My own note here regarding power output: NOWHERE in the Marantz literature does it state that the 105 watt rating is all channels driven. Therefore, it is UNFAIR to take them to task for this - they are not misrepresenting the situation. Now, SHOULD they provide an all channels driven spec? Perhaps that could be argued. But the simple FACT is that they never claimed it would deliver 105 watts with all channels driven, so there are NO valid complaints here.**
    Q: Is Marantz generally overrating power?
    A: Marantz is not overrating power. If you look at past models it should be apparent that we are generally conservative in ratings.
    Q: Does Marantz do quality control tests before products leave the factory?
    A: Yes, all products are tested before they leave the factory. Marantz America also performs random testing. The reviewed unit was a pre-production model.
    Q: So, what's the story behind this review?
    A: The review was an anomaly. The tested unit was defective. Its performance was not measured before submission due to the eagerness of the reviewer. The reviewer chose not to contact us with his unusual findings and we were remiss in contacting him.
    Q: Are there products like this sold into the market?
    A: Marantz is not perfect. However, the performance and sales response to the SR-7200 has not only been phenomenal, but record setting. If the real world performance was not superb, this many units would not be sold.
    Q: Is the quality of products from Korea and China inferior?
    A: The company or manufacturer should not influence the product quality. All units are designed in/by Marantz Japan and could be made in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore.
    Q: I bought an SR-7200, I want to know what the story behind this review is.
    A: Expect outstanding performance from the SR-7200. As with any purchase, your own personal experience with the product, and with the dealer, should be the final determining factor. We are confident you will enjoy this product.
    Q: What will Marantz do after this review?
    A: Marantz will not get into a public war of words with the reviewer. We know the product is strong enough to stand on its own merit. A follow-up review is planned by a different reviewer and we are confident that the outcome will be favourable.
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    I have exactly ZERO problems with my 6200. Picked it up within days of it hitting the showroom floor, and I am very happy with it.
    **I am also not using it to do any kind of video switching...
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    Jul 28, 1999
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  6. Bob_M

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    Apr 3, 2000
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    I looked in the latest S&V and it was curious there was nothing motioned or a letter from Marantz.


    The Results of the Denon 2802 and Yam RXV-1200 were superb. I think people who really focus on the lab results and S&V reviews could find something between those two. I know I would if I was in the market.

  7. Dennis B

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    Nov 1, 2001
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    There is an ad for the Marantz 9200 in S&V.

    I guess they've worked it out between them while we keep an endless argument about who's right or wrong...

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