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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Richard--W, Mar 3, 2006.

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    Richard W
    I would like to open a strictly technical discussion of RYAN'S DAUGHTER. Let's NOT revisit controversial issues raised in previous threads. Keep it technical.

    I finally found the time to watch WB's DVD last night and I'm astonished at the quality of the image. Justice has been done to this wonderful film. David Lean's art is represented as it should be. RYAN'S DAUGHTER looks so good it makes me reconsider my opinion of other DVD's. It's so good it makes me reconsider my opinion of other 70mm transfers.

    What separates this DVD from other transfers?

    How was this quality arrived at, exactly?

    Was a different process used?

    Somebody explain it to me, please.

    Anyone with specialized knowledge, feel free to chime in.

    Let's keep it technical and explanatory.
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    I can't answer your technical questions, but I do want to say that I, too, finally got a chance to watch this last night on my HDTV, and, although this is not high definition the picture was indeed breath taking. Of course the outdoor vistas were beautifully filmed but even the interiors, and night shots were incredible. If standard DVD is capable of looking like this, I can be content until high def becomes something available to me and my component- only set. Absolutely beautiful.

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