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RX-V1400 Question about the Channel Indicator on Receiver (1 Viewer)


May 3, 2004
I bought a RX-V1400 and ran the YPAO setup. At the time of the YPAO setup all speakers light up in the channel indicator display on the receiver when I do the setup. I am running 5.1. When watching TV, or watching a DVD that is sending a digital signal, the only lights that light up are the L & R. C, SL, SR and LFE do not show up. I have done a master reset as found in another forum and it still does not work. Does anyone else have the same problem or is this just how the receiver works? I am able to hear out of all 5 speakers, with the exception of my subwoofer. The subwoofer has some signal coming out of it, but should be shaking a lot more.

Kevin. W

Oct 27, 1999
First of with your DVD make sure you have DD/DTS enabled in the setup and connected to the receiver via coax or optical. When watching a movie make sure you pick either DD/DTS from the audio menu if it has the option. Otherwise you signal is DD. Make sure you recevier is setup so that DVD input on the remote it coincedes with the input that the DVD to receiver cable is plugged into.(eg: DVD-coax 1) Last but not least make sure the input on the receiver is set to auto and you should see the word straight on the receivers display. Should work now.


Steve Schaffer

Senior HTF Member
Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer
As Kevin said, you must use a single digital audio cable from the dvd player to the reciever, not the left and right analog audio cables. The digital cable can be either a co-axial (rca pin jack) or optical cable.

Next you need to go into the setup menu for the dvd player and make sure the digital audio output is set to Dolby Digital and not PCM and that DTS output is enabled.

Finally you must select the correct audio track in each individual disc's setup menu, many do not default to DD 5.1, none to DTS.

The display on the reciever indicates how many active incoming channels are reaching the receiver. Since only your L and R main indicators are lighting up it can be assumed that you are only getting 2 channels of sound into the receiver from the dvd player. You can't get more than 2 channels without connecting the digital audio connection, and must have the output of the dvd player and the audio track of the individual movie set correctly.

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