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    I want to avoid running speaker wires through the wall (double insulated/ with double cross bracing). I have onkyo bookshelf rear speakers (3) wich I have screwed keyhole hanging brackets on. I purchased 3 ceiling mounts. Can I just run the speaker wires for the rears from the receiver in the front of the room ,under the baseboards to a closet near the receiver , up the wall (not in the wall) through the ceiling and then across the attic floor and down through the ceiling to the speakers? (whew!) Then I would not need to run anything through the wall.

    If so would you just drill a hole and fish the wire through or is there a better way?

    Also , do you feel sheet rock anchors would hold the ceiling mounts and speakers or would you take the time to place 2x4 studs between the joists?

    Also, how could I mount the center speaker from the ceiling? My seating area is directly below the center speaker so it almost needs to face obvious problem with a keyhole bracket at the top?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer a me.
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    Hi Shawn,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    You’ll have to use something like an Omnimount, which means you’ll have to screw the bracket into the cabinet.


    It’s not hard to find Omnimount at retailers. You can use their Reference Guide to see which bracket they recommend for your speaker. If will have to be under 20 lbs, though.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    I'm glad you asked about doing this. Any speaker wire that goes through a wall or ceiling must be certified for 'in wall' use, and if you don't and your place burns down, you could end up with no insurance settlement if they find it.

    Home Depot sells that stuff, and it may rethink your wiring layout a little.

    Oh, and welcome too!


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