Running 12/2 behind and through wall studs

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by derek, Mar 15, 2005.

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    I'm currently laying wire for the recepticles around my basement. I'd like to run the 12/2 up the stud from the recepticle to about 4 ft above floor level then over horizontal to the next recepticle location. Every 4 feet drilling a hole through the stud and snaking the wire through for support. In between those holes snaking the wire behind the stud and between the insulation/exterior wall and stud. Any code issues with this? Should I run the wire higher/lower than 4ft horizontal? Am I required to have nail plates? It is easier than going up to ceiling, drilling through floor joists and coming down again every time. TIA!
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    Nope. Electricians do it all the time. Just visit any new home construction site and see for yourself.

    Regarding how high to run it, typically they just take the shortest path from one box to the next – no reason to move everything up 4 ft. unless you’re trying to avoid something else.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    If you are talking about 120 volt electrical outlets here are the basic requirements:

    1) 1-1/4 back from the face of the stud (or you need a nail plate)

    2) Support within 12" of the box

    3) Support the wire every 4.5 feet (generally bored holes through studs are considered support)

    4) Protected the conductors from physical damage

    Consider the above requirements a minimum-every electrical inspector has his/her interpretation of the national electrical code. Right or wrong, they have the last word. Hope I could be some help. This is a good guideline for all cables installed.

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