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    Hi I am one of the slightly older brigade who uses a mobile to make phone calls and desperately trying to make sense of the lightning fast media world we live in.
    Just purchased a Sherwood surround sound set up and we spent days in vain trying to set it up even purchased the HDMI cables,we then paid a local whiz kid to install good.
    Then in desperation called the Sherwood rep who talked us through the installation only to be told after everything was tried that the new AV receiver must have a fault ...he was right.
    Another one was sent asap which by this time was installed in no time at all with all the training we received.
    Now just trying to work out how to turn the TV on without the reciever going all the time as well.

    We also have a blu ray dvd player (unused) and thinking of changing our 46 inch lcd LG TV for a 55 inch 3D smart one but a bit worried as it seems that it will be like having a monster computer screen or a giant smartphone crouching in our lounge room with all those apps etc...

    It would be rather good to be able to watch all of the pop stars on Utube like Elvis, Billy Fury,Eddie Cochran also the later singers like Chris Isaaks and Robin Thicke (he was really great as a guest artist on The Australian Voice show).
    A bit worried about installing a new TV as it will have to be set up like a computer or a smartphone I suppose and.... I suspect we will just use it as a TV in the end with the 3D glasses and apps unused....but knowing our luck it will need to be connected to the internet just to work.

    Anyway if any of you have read this far I dont expect any replies just shake your heads(I am) and move on ' I will just log in and hope I can learn stuff as go along but' be warned I might pop up with a question so please be patient I am really trying to learn as I go along but the speed that everything is going I will never catch up.
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    It would help to have model numbers. And no, a TV with smart features does not need to be internet connected...unless you plan on using the apps.If you are scared of the net in a TV, buy a roku or use an ipad/android tablet connected to the Sherwood.

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