RS SPL meter vs the Panasonic WM-61A mic capsule

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  1. While re-doing my room with the BFD, I did a quick and dirty comparison of the two mics.
    Both are at my listening position.
    I chopped off at 500hz so that any directivity issues of the mics not pointing in the exact same place would be minimized (anyways, most of you only use it from 20hz-200hz tops)
    I measured with a 1000sample average of pink noise on TrueRTA at 1/24th octave measurements.
    The faint line is the WM-61A measured against itself. You can see that there is only a +/- 0.25db variation. ..not bad for quick and dirty [​IMG]
    The darker line is the RS SPL meter RELATIVE to the WM-61A.
    The WM-61A is thought to be nearly ruler flat from 10hz-4k
    Interpret this as you wish [​IMG]
    NOTE: this wasn't a "lab grade" study.
    Click here to see the image
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