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    Has anyone tried building a platform for a RPTV? I have a new Toshiba 55HX70, 55" HDTV and the height seems a bit low when seated about 13 feet away. I like the feeling of looking up slightly at the screen, sort of like what you get in a theater or front projection screen, rather than looking straight across. It seems to make the picture bigger and envelopes you more into the scene. Anyone tried this ?? Thanks.
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    May 8, 2001
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    In fact a friend of mine has his 61" Sony on a platform.
    He found 12" high cabinets from IKEA that holds all his equipment. When you look at the bottom of his set all the equipment is al lined up. He had to buy two set of these cabinets to fit all his equipment. Looks great and the RPTV sits up high having the same feeling like in a movie theater.
    What you can try is measure your eye level position when you're sitting, then measure the height from the floor to the middle of your screen. Create a "test" platform with blocks or 2x4's and plywood(anything that will hold your set) with the height of the difference.
    Then you can test a higher one to get that higher feeling.
    Don't go up too high, otherwise you'll loose the "bright picture quality".
    I'm sure there's other ways, but this was what worked for us.
    Hope this helps...
    Good luck

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