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Discussion in 'Displays' started by brandon_, Jan 31, 2006.

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    Im in the market for a new set. Looking to spend about 2500 on a RPTV. Many of the brands look great, but im worried about reliability and quality issues. I know bulb issues exist among many, but what are some other issues worth noting? What brands stick out as the more reliable, and which are lemons? I currently have a Sony 32" crt wega, and I have never had issues. Even my older magnavox is running strong. Would you all say it’s more luck of the draw?

    Thanks ahead for the input.
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    I think it's luck of the draw, but at the same time some RPTV's have better picture quality than others.

    I use to own a Sony RPTV which is regarded by many as being a very reliable brand when it comes to build quality in televisions. However, my Sony was plagued with problems ranging from CRT projectors going bad to convergence issues.

    After getting rid of the Sony I purchased a Toshiba RPTV and have no issues after 3+ years of ownership. I would just read as many reviews online as you can at websites like www.audioreview.com and make a decision based on what looks best to you and has the features your looking for.


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