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RPTV Experts: A Question Please?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by BradP, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. BradP

    BradP Guest

    I have just purchased a new Pioneer 64" Hi Def RPTV - Loving it so far except for one issue that's bugging me. I'm noticing a curve on the screen in the upper left and right corners, particularly when I surf my DirecTV program guide -- The title of the current show is getting cut off.
    I never noticed this problem in the Natural Wide mode of my old Pioneer set, which is why it bothers me even more. I assume that the screen modes work the same, and I surf a lot of DirecTV, never noticed the text cutoff in Natural Wide mode before. And the grid's bend on the calibration screens does indeed match the bend I'm seeing watching TV. The bend is apparent on ALL screen modes, Full, natural wide, cinema, and zoom, so I don't think this is a mode issue.
    We did move it ourselves at it was up a flight of stairs, so the set did have to be placed on its side at an angle to get it up there. Could that have caused any internal shift and this condition?
    I suppose I can live with this "problem" if it's indeed common to all these sets, though my main concern is just that I have a set with a problem (or that the manner it which it was moved may have caused this problem).
    I have placed some photos of both the program guide and the grid online, hopefully they will show the problem off well enough (though I realize being here in person is the best way to tell). A bit on the large side but that should make it easier to see.
    Cutoff shows the DirecTV cutoff in the upper right.
    It might be hard to notice, but the grid pics are attempting to show the curve in the top left and right corners. If you notice, due to the upward curve, the squares get smaller as you move towards the corners, and are larger in the center of the set.
    Anyone with this TV (SD643-HD5) or anyone in general: I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, especially curious if your set does the same thing.
    If this is a problem, I definitely want to exchange the set for another (as much as I hate to move it again).
  2. John-Miles

    John-Miles Screenwriter

    Nov 29, 2001
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    it looks to me like you just need to get a service tech to adjust your geometry, or if you are adventerous I am sure some people around here can telly uo how to fix that problem in your service menu.

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