RPTV died - Fix or Replace?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by JiM T, Nov 21, 2010.

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    The other night, our venerable Panasonic PT47WX49 RPTV crapped out on me. Basically, I can't get it to turn on for more than 10 seconds before it shuts itself down again. No blinking codes or anything from the power light indicator. Nothing. After 9 years (2-3 hrs of use per day on average), it looks like this TV has bit the dust.

    It has no HDMI inputs, and only does 1080i/720p. Also, the screen has mild burn-in issues from us watching so much 4:3 material. Nonetheless, I'm still considering repair. I'm wondering, on average, how much it costs to have a serviceman come over (I'm not hauling this monster out of my house) and fix a TV like this?

    Should I even bother, or would I be wiser to use what little money I have for this on a new TV? Thanks...
  2. Gregg Loewen

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    Figure 300 at a minimum.

    Push it down a hill an see how it rolls.
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    I have a Mit 65711 CRT RPTV that has been ISFed by Craig/Rounds and Miller. It was purchased in 2003 and was repaired 2005 when the picture bowed.

    Now, once in a while it will shut off and will blink for about 30-40 seconds. I have to wait a few minutes and then turn it on. I'm going to have a technician look at it. Hopefully it will be in the $300-400 range to fix it.

    There is nothing on the market (except my Epson UB9500 PJ {ISFed by Dave Abrams} on a JKP Affinity Cinema Countour 110" screen) that matches the picture, so, I'm going to spend the money to keep it.

    If it does need replacing, then I'm going with the Mit 65" DLP and have it ISFed.
  4. JoeCool6972

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    I would estimate probably upwards of $100 just for the tech to show up for the service call, another $300-400 for repairs, maybe more. Honestly, I would say it's time for a new TV. you can get a nice new LCD or plasma under $1000 now. And the picture quality will blow your rear projection away!

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