RPTV: brightness drop in first year?

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    I have read that it is not unusual for a new RPTV (in this case, it was a Pioneer Elite 520HD) to have this problem: the brightness drops off a bit in the first year--but gradually... The CRT's settle in for the long haul after the first year and then brightness remains pretty constant.

    Is this what you other RPTV owners have experienced or did I read a wrong thread? If true, I guess that means constant AVIA calibration and why bother getting it professionaly calibrated until that year is up.
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    The brightness does drop off ... used to be about 50% over the first year. Probably less now ... but who keeps track of these things. I go in for touch up work on other people's previously isf'd sets and the brightness is almost always down to begin with.

    The only thing that needs to be retweaked in terms of a pro calibration is the grayscale in the subsequent years and touch up work for that is fast and relatively cheap compared to the full calibration costs.

    Many calibrators tend to charge about $150 or so for touch ups.

    You still want to do it because you want to get the most out of your TV even in the first year.


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