RPTV as monitor?

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    Well i heard that RPTV's aren't all that great when used as monitors right now. I also heard that this will change soon. So what exactly is the problem right now and how and when will it be addressed?
    Up until today, i was planning to buy an HDTV and use it as i would a monitor. The only thing that was bugging me is the fact that i will have to buy a new TV when digital connectors become standard. So now i'm hearing that i might have to wait to even use that HDTV the way i planned. I'm thinking maybe i should just get a cheaper non-HD set for the time being, and when sets with digital connectors come out, and when i can run high resolutions on my HDTV, then i spend every last penny on a 16:9 HD set?
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    I'll just do a brief writeup:
    Normal TVs use 600x400 Resolution (correct me if I'm wrong). This is how many dots horizontally and vertically there are that produce individual color.
    Most people view their monitors at 1024x768. See the large difference? Try setting your monitor to 600x400, and see if you cand stand that. It's pretty unbarable, unless you're running DOS ;o)
    It's all about the resolution
    Understand a little better now?

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