Rp91 with 57xbr2 ? prog with 57xbr2 ?

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  1. Dan Baldwin

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    Jan 10, 2000
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    I just jumped back into the home theater "game" [​IMG] with a recent purchase of a sony 57xbr2 (which I love btw).I am expecting to upgrade my old yamaha dvd player (has component outputs) but I have some basic questions . My first questions are: Will I see any picture quality improvements with a prog scan player ? Does the sony's DRC (sort of line doubling ) turn off with an incoming 480p signal ? Its really unclear to me what happens with this.
    Secondly, I am wondering if a panasonic rp91 would be a good player to try. Would the scaling feature produce less geometric distortion than the current "wide zoom" does for 4:3 material ? I'm not really concerned with the dvd audio or the dd5.1 decoding which I let my reciever do.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me sort this out !
  2. Mike I

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    Yes you will see an improvement in picture quality with a progressive player over a your sets internal line doubler...

    As with all HD ready sets, the sets internal line doubler is by passed when receiving a 480p signal such as what you get from a progressive dvd player..It is also by passed when receiving a 1080i HD signal..
  3. Steve Schaffer

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    I have a Sony KP57HW40, with the same drc and zoom/stretch modes as your xbr. My experience is that there is very little difference between progressive scan from the player and the sony's drc in cinemotion mode. The progressive scan from the player is only slightly better.
    If the progressive scan player is gonna stretch the budget, you won't miss much if you delay purchasing one. The RP91 is very highly regarded if a bit pricey, but the JVC models in the $229 range will also do scaling and like the RP91 do not have the chroma bug.
    The scaling feature won't do a variable stretch for 4/3 dvds, but will do a better job on non-anamorphic widescreen dvds than the set's zoom mode. Watching 4/3 in it's original aspect ratio is preferable to stretching anyway for real movies, I only stretch for casual tv viewing.

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