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    Have any of you adjusted the vertical sharpness in the U settings? I found a huge difference in sharpness when I set the player to +1, to +2. I basically experimented with this setting after feeling that on many discs I played, the image sharpness seemed soft. It was quite apparent on my 57" Sony. Close ups scenes were sharp, but the backgrounds, or objects a little beyond close ups, were very soft. When I set the V sharpness to +2, I couldn't believe my eyes. What a difference. I mean huge! It increased the sharpness in terms of depth dramatically. It did increase the grain some on certain discs, but I feel the grain is minimal in comparison to what I gained. Check it out. I would be interested to hear if anyone else noticed the same.
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    I'm gonna try that...Just got my '91 yesterday, and thought it could be a little sharper on my Tosh 50H81...

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