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RP91 Tale of Woe! (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Oct 30, 1999
Well, as some of you may know from other recent threads, my beloved Panasonic RP91 died the other day after two years of faithful service.

To make matters worse, tonight my daughter came and told me our new Spirited Away DVD was still inside the player, so I tried my best to open the disk tray without the benefit of power (the unit wouldn't even turn on). My attempts were gentle at first and then became increasingly less so until I finally managed to snap the front cover off the disk tray. Frustrated and beaten at this point (the DVD was still trapped inside), my first instinct was to continue in my idiocy with ever increasing levels of violence against the machine until it lay in pieces on my livingroom floor and I stood triumphant over its dismantled carcass, the Spirited Away DVD held like a trophy in my hands, but my daughter (whose senses have not been blinded by testosterone) suggested we *open* the player instead and try to get the disk that way.

Her idea was, of course, fantastic (not bad for a nine year old). Not only did we get the disk out, but I found that the fuse inside had slid from its contacts and that replacing it restored my player to full glorious function!

Except for the door, which opens fine but must now be pushed shut, accompanied by a very unpleasant grinding sound, all thanks to my stupidity.

Must be a moral in here somewhere.


His Own Fool
Senior HTF Member
Aug 18, 2001
The BK
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Well, at least it's working again (and you don't need to buy a new player just yet)...


Jagan Seshadri

Supporting Actor
Nov 5, 2001
Isn't it funny how we expect electronics to be irreparable once they start acting up (or shutting off)? We've been conditioned by throwaway-electronics!


Julian Reville

Aug 29, 1999
Where is the really BIG hammer when you need it?

I've got you beat:

A few years ago I had a new Pioneer mega-CD player with about 250 CDs in it. Each CD had it's slot laboriously labeled (electronically, using the remote) with title and artist. I was changing my audio racks around, and I needed to move the mega-changer out of the rack temporarily. Not thinking clearly, I grabbed the thing, not realizing how heavy it was with 250 CDs in it. It slipped from my hands and dropped a wee bit, not enough to break it, but enough to dislodge many of the CDs.

After a few disparaging comments, I proceeded to open it, and start removing CDs. Unfortunately, you can't get to all of them like that; the carousel must be rotated. It wouldn't rotate since CDs were jammed everywhere, except a little bit when I pulled on it, just enough to mess up the mechanism. Now the friggin think won't work, and I STILL can't get all the CDs out! :angry:

That's when I got the BIG hammer and gave it an attitude adjustment. After retrieving all of my CDs, and sweeping all of the now much smaller parts into the trash can, I ordered a SONY megachanger with keyboard input.


Second Unit
Oct 30, 1999
Ha ha ha! It is good to know I am not the only one who has succumbed to the dark side!

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