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    I have teh Panasonic RP91 hooked up to a 16x9 set. I have what I think is the 4x3 mode set to auto. I believe this allows the unit to properly display non-anamorphic DVDs through the progressive out. Otherwise, they are squished. However, the DVD player menus and the DVD Screen (e.g. when there is no disc in the player) show with black bars on the left and right. Is this correct? If I set the 4x3 mode to normal, the player menu and DVD screen fill the display, but then the non-anamorphic DVDs are squished. Am I doing something wrong?
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    The 'auto' setting will automatically select the proper aspect ratio for anamorphic widescreen, full frame and properly flagged non-anamorphic widescreen material. What you are seeing with the black bars on the menus is DVD's that are authored with non-anamorphic menus (the FBI warnings usually show up this way, too).
    The only time I change the setting from 'auto' is for improperly flagged non-anamorphic widescreen material. If the disc is flagged properly, the RP-91 will zoom and scale the picture to remove the side black bars. If the disc in not flagged properly, you will get both top/bottom and side black bars. Manually selecting 'zoom' will invoke the built-in zoom/scaling feature of the player for this material.
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