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    Apr 22, 2002
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    *** ** ** ** * * Recently received my RP91. Have it connected thru component cables to a PT47wx49 47 in Panny.
    Major problem!! When progressive scan is activated, I can often see a very intrusive form of 'noise'.
    This shows up as very small white 'snow' (Hate that term!!) on certain areas of the image.
    Definitely follows object lines in the image (i.e., they may show up as a vertical line of white dots next to a vertical post, or they may follow the line of the top of a couch, etc.)
    I have tried the MPEG noise reduction and many trials of the noise reductions and other options in the user settings, to no avail.
    Two key points:
    1. I can often see it in the 'tabs' on the RP91 setup screen. ('Action' on the remote)So not related to DVD content.
    2. ALWAYS disappears when I turn off progressive scan on the RP91.
    This set is several months old, and I have never seen this before during my many hours of interlaced viewing using my old DVD player. This is the first progressive signal it has seen.
    Main question:
    Suspect the set (how it is handling progressive input)?
    Suspect the DVD player (how it is outputting progressive)?
    Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone? Help?
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    Vladimir Derenoncourt
    What are your settings on the DVD player?

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