RP-91 and tosh 50x81 look great.

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    Jan 23, 2000
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    this is by no means the type of scientific review so many of you post--and which help people like me make (mostly) good decisions.
    I just wanted to chime in for the slow-to-adopt, slow-to-tweak crowd that great results can still be had.
    I have had a tosh tn50x81 for about 20 months, running just cable and a vcr. I have only done a 9 point conversion a couple of times. Luckily I have a good cable signal and from my seating position about 12 feet back, the picture has been very good and very pleasing.
    My sound systems is a Yam 895 (dolby surround)PSB 3LRs, a paradigm 1000 sub and atom rears. I've done little to optimize the soundstage.
    I've thought about a DVD frequently, but the constant pace of improvement put me on the sidelines. Finally the raves about the RP-91 got me into the game.
    thank you-thank you-thank you
    I'm just a few movies in (bugs life, traffic, men of honor), but the picture even on my set which does not do the squeeze, is AMAZING. The black bars are quite bearable (it may help that I have a very dark room), and the image size of 16x9 material is also excellent. I guess I'll get the avia disc but from what I've seen, I'm not sure why. (not really true, I don't mind minor tweaking). For the time being and ISFing is out of the question.
    If this is Home Theater for the masses and J6P, I'll take it.
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    Wait until you tweak it with Avia and you really should do a service level convergance. If you are really brave, line the inside with duvatyne to get rid of that moon shaped reflection and disable SVM.
    I also have a TN50X81 but I'm waiting for the RP91's little brother, the RP61.

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