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Bert Greene

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Apr 1, 2004
Didn't recall Linda Hayes made three films with Rogers. Remembered only one, offhand. I don't know much about Hayes, other than she seemed to cap a long list of 1930s RKO starlets, like Margaret Callahan, Louise Latimer, and Whitney Bourne, who all came around for a short time, and whose careers disappeared very quickly. Many such leading-ladies are often quite appealing, but somehow might not have had the extra qualities to help them stand out. One quirkly little RKO contractee who was (very briefly) at RKO, the young dancer/comedienne Lorraine Kruger, always struck me as having a lot of potential, but her career never seemingly went anywhere. She should have at least found a little 'comical sidekick' niche like Dorothea Kent did.

VCI's next Universal serial on the docket to be released on blu is apparently "Riders of Death Valley" (1941), the highly hyped 'million dollar serial.' Despite its very star-studded western cast, I've always found this one... not necessarily bad, but rather doggedly routine. Still nice to finish off the Universal 'Buck Jones' serial filmography. I'll happily purchase it, as well as "Pirate Treasure" (1934), which I think VCI tentatively has planned after that.

I also noticed that author Martin Grams has a book coming out devoted to the Renfrew of the Royal Mounted character, covering its origins and its radio/film/book history. Sounds pretty interesting, and I'm certainly going to get it. Refrew's fame and pop-culture status sort of got short-circuited by circumstances, leaving Sgt. Preston to jump into that slot, supplanting him. Should be a nifty book. Grams has gone into a lot of research, like he has for the early days of the "Lone Ranger" radio series, where he unearthed a lot of fascinating tidbits.

Bob Gu

Jun 17, 2006
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Bob Gudera
You know, Jeff, I looked around to see if I could find pictures of Jennifer Connelly wearing a cowboy hat, but only found one online from a movie with Josh Brolin called "Only The Brave", about forest fire fighters. Which brings us back to our trying times.


I couldn't find many pictures of her in hats at all.


Bringing things back to westerns, Josh Brolin was in the pony express series "The Young Riders" and was in that based on the comic book "Jonah Hex", movie, which I meant to take a look at some time.


Just like Roy and Dale, Jennifer Connelly likes plaid.

07_1949 Golden Stallion, The.jpg


Searching for Jennifer Connelly cowboy hat pictures brought up a bunch of other Jennifers. But the one I thought I'd highlight is Jennifer Holt. She was in many B westerns and was a Princess of the Western, since she was the daughter of Jack Holt and the sister of Tim Holt. She liked plaid too.


Jennifer Holt.jpg


Jennifer Holt (1).jpg

Tim! That's no way to treat your sister!
740full-jennifer-holt jack and tim holt.jpg

Jack Holt.
Holt, Jack_01.jpg

Tim Holt.

Tim Holt: Ghost Rider comic cover, with, I think, Frank Franzetta art.


Jack Holt starred with Roy in, MY PAL TRIGGER and TRAIL OF ROBIN HOOD.

For fun, some stills from "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", with Tim Holt and Jack Holt.






I kind of, not only, consider "Treasure" a western, but also a Tim Holt western, too. Since Holt still has his humanity at the end.

Bob Gu

Jun 17, 2006
Real Name
Bob Gudera
Bert, you mention four actresses I "never heard of", but turns out I have them all in the collection.

Margaret Callahan with only 6 IMDB credits. I have seen her in the Gene Raymond version of "Seven Keys To Baldpate". WAC has a triple feature out on that title.


mc 1.jpg

Lucille Ball, Margaret Callahan, Joy Hodges, Ann Shirley, Phyllis Brooks (Roy's co-star in SILVER SPURS), Milly Lamont.

Louise Latimer, 12 credits at IMDB, I have seen in two of the Hildegarde Withers mysteries on the WAC set.

louise latimer.jpg


Whitney Bourne, 10 IMDB credits, I have only seen her in "The Mad Miss Manton" playing one of Barbara Stanwyck's society gal pals.


Lorraine Kruger, with 45 IMDB credits, is the 'old pro'. I think I have seen at least 4 of her movies.


Lorraine Kruger is in "Dance Girl Dance"-1940, out on Disc from Criterion. There's an Evalyn Knapp movie with the same title with a different plot.

"Dance Girl, Dance" clip. Lorraine Kruger is the short blond on the right. Our favorite Hal Roach starlet, Marjorie Woodworth, is on Lucille Ball's right.

Dorothea Kent was with Roy in KING OF THE COWBOYS.
Dorothea Kent cr.jpg

And Dorothea Kent was also the female lead in the Renfrew movie, "Danger Ahead".



Bert, that Renfrew book seems like a must have. I didn't realize there was a radio show. It will be interesting to see the time line of Renfrew and Preston. And I have got to pick up the other Buck Jones serials, too.
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Bob Gu

Jun 17, 2006
Real Name
Bob Gudera
IN OLD CHEYENNE-1941, B&W 58 minutes.
1 In old cheyenne_41.jpg

Another not available in the full version. I have IN OLD CHEYENNE, in the 53 minute syndicated versions, on the Roan DVD double feature with HELDORADO-1946 and on the Alpha DVD double feature with SOUTH OF SANTA FE. The Roan looks sharper.

IN OLD CHEYENNE is an old west adventure and Roy plays a character called Steve Blane, a reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper. He goes to Cheyenne to write about an old owl-hoot, played by Gabby, who seems to be making trouble.

Actually, Gabby is retired. Local rich guy, George Rosener is behind the trouble. Rustling, robbing, and pushing settlers off their land.

Head henchman William Haade with his boss, George Rosener.

The bad guys, Jack Kirk, William Haade, and Hal Taliaferro.
Jack Kirk William Haade Hal Taliaferro.jpg

Roy or Steve's romantic interest is Joan Woodbury, playing a famous Spanish dancer. (She even appears on cigarette cards!)
s-l1600 (1).jpg

She was raised in Spain, but was born in the U.S.A. Joan is visiting her father, J. Farrell MacDonald, who publishes the local Cheyenne newspaper. I've always found J. Farrell MacDonald to be a likeable actor in numerous movies.

Roy/Steve wants to work with MacDonald on the story.

Sally Payne is Gabby's daughter and she's interested in Roy/Steve.

Screenshot 2020-09-25 122620.jpg

As an aside it's mentioned that Cheyenne is the first city, "in the country", to get electricity? That can't be true.
In this case, I think, "in the country" means "around here", not in the whole U.S.A. Joan's character up in lights.
Screenshot 2020-09-26 095154.jpg

Look out Gabby!!!
12_1941 In Old Cheyenne LC (Gabby) F.jpg

So what's in the missing three minutes? Hard to say. Joan Woodbury performs a dance number and Roy/Steve sings along. During a later party scene Roy/Steve calls a square dance. (That's something young Roy was noted for.)

Roy/Steve arrives in town without Trigger, but he is riding Trigger later and Trigger responds to his commands. So maybe there is a missing scene with Roy/Steve meeting up with Trigger and explaining that Trigger is his trained horse?? Maybe a missing song? Anyway, the story doesn't seem to be missing anything.

s-l1000 (1).jpg


Edited version, on YouTube.
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Bob Gu

Jun 17, 2006
Real Name
Bob Gudera
Joan Woodbury also played a Spanish or Latin dancer in THE EAGLE'S BROOD-1935, the second Hopalong Cassidy movie. (Gabby was in THE EAGLE'S BROOD also, but it was before he was 'Gabby' and even before he was 'Windy' in the Hoppy series.

Joan Woodbury was billed as 'Nana Martinez' in THE EAGLE'S BROOD.

2 Eagle's Brood, The.jpg

4  Eagles  Bood.jpg


3  theeaglesbrood as nana martinez.jpg

Some Joan Woodbury glamour.






Joan Woodbury is remembered by movie serial buffs as starring in, BRENDA STARR, REPORTER-1945.


Joan with, costar, Kane Richmond. Note, for the posters they added cleavage to Joan's modest outfit.


Joan Woodbury was another actress that was a first billed lead or second billed co-star in B-features.




She even co-starred with Parkyakarkus!!!

Back at Republic she appeared with Roy again as a bad girl in SUNSET SERENADE-1942 (see Post #203 page 11) and with Douglas Fowley, below. She also appeared with Fowley in "CHARLIE CHAN ON BROADWAY-1937. (Sometimes I think Douglas Fowley was in every B-movie made, in the 30s,40s and 50s.)

Joan Woodbury was married to, C.B. DeMille favorite, Henry Wilcoxon.
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Bert Greene

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Apr 1, 2004
Good excuse for me to give my Roan dvd of "In Old Cheyenne" (1941) a new spin. It's indeed hard to tell where the cuts are in this one. Luckily, these earlier Rogers films had those shorter running-times, so the edits aren't quite as brutal as in the mid-1940s entries. Missing songs are usually the culprit, of course. But there's also a scene here in which Roy, after talking with publisher J. Farrell MacDonald in his office, says he's going into the back to see Woodbury, but we get no follow-up scene. Might be something snipped there. Great shots of Woodbury. She attended at least one of those western film fairs back in the day (not long before she passed away), but it was before I began going to them. For the longest time, serial buffs were looking for "Brenda Starr, Reporter" (1945), it was one of the last MIA titles from the 1940s, in terms of the collector circuit, before VCI made it available. Anyway, "In Old Cheyenne" is a pretty nice, if unexceptional, outing, which is boosted by some offbeat touches, like Gabby's animal 'menagerie,' and little bits involving things like electric signs and cigarette cards. Good touches you probably just wouldn't see in a concurrent Don 'Red' Barry western at Republic.

I've picked up a few movie-star oriented cigarette cards years ago, as they'd sometimes appear at postcard shows or antique shops. Most I've encountered have been of British origin. The sets will usually be a mixture of top American stars, mixed in with folks like Nova Pilbeam, Gordon Harker, and Rene Ray. The very small size of cigarette cards always made them a somewhat unsatisfying collectible from my perspective, especially compared to arcade-cards (which are postcard sized). Plus, the latter really specialized in cowboy stars, adding to their appeal for me.

It surprised me to see Joy Hodges upthread in that lineup of RKO starlets. Never knew she was at RKO, and always associated her almost exclusively with Universal. I think she had at least one stab at an "A" film as leading lady, "Merry-Go-Round of 1938." But I don't think the film was a hit, and it probably kept her down in the B basement, with films like "The Family Next Door" (1939), which is the film I remember most of hers. It might have been a similar situation with the aforementioned Lorraine Krueger, who got her initial RKO spotlight in the studio's notorious "New Faces of 1937," which turned out to be a massive flop, and likely scuttled her career before it even started (although the studio did shunt her off, teaming her again with Joe Penner, in one of his minor B's that same year).

These two films actually bring up that brief spell of movies which incorporated release-years into their titles. I always figured Paramount's "Big Broadcast" films (1936, 1937, 1938) got the ball rolling. It probably did, although WB had that "Fashions of 1934" movie a few years earlier. There was also that Technicolor extravaganza "Vogues of 1938" (1937), from Walter Wanger (and United Artists). A fluff of a movie, but I'd bet it would look stunning on blu-ray. Not sure if it was a money-loser, but whatever the case, the studios quickly started shying away from such titles. "New Faces" was probably most to blame, I'm sure. However, good ole Republic didn't follow suit, as they had their Hit Parade series of features. The first, "The Hit Parade" (1937), didn't utilize the year in its title, but all the later follow-ups (1941, 1943, 1947, 1951) did. A lot of these films got retitled for television later on, not surprisingly. I might be forgetting a few. I know there was also the British "Radio Parade of 1935," which featured a late role for Dracula's girlfriend, Helen Chandler. I'd never even heard of this film until recent years, nor have I seen it.

Bert Greene

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Apr 1, 2004
Re-reading my above discussion, I see that I left out mention of MGM's "Broadway Melody" series as a factor, which is something I'd intended to add. I thought the "Big Broadcast" sequels were the first, but checking just now on imdb, it appears that both "Broadway Melody of 1936" (1935-MGM) and "The Big Broadcast of 1936" (1935-Par) were actually released on the very same day... September 20, 1935. So, I guess they both contributed fairly equally to that trend in titles.

Although preceding this, Fox did have those releases of "George White's Scandals" (1934) and its follow-up, "George White's 1935 Scandals" (1935) laying the groundwork. I still never have seen the former, which I believe was Alice Faye's first film. The Fox Archive put out the second one, which features Ned Sparks quite prominently, as I recall. Plus, you get to hear the actual lyrics to "Hunkadola," which for years I only knew via the Benny Goodman instrumental recording for Victor.


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Jun 30, 2009
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John Hall
Wanted to post here that Roy Rogers' BELLS OF CORONADO (1950, William Witney) is now available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime or iTunes. It looks gorgeous and sure beats the old DVD. Also, for Republic serial fans, the 1966 feature version of THE CRIMSON GHOST is available under the title of CYCLOTRODE X. This is fun to see one of Clayton Moore's rare turns as a bad guy. I have not purchased it yet but plan to.

Bob Gu

Jun 17, 2006
Real Name
Bob Gudera
NEVADA CITY-1941, B&W, 58 minutes.

Another, only around in the syndicated 53 minute version. I have the darkish Alpha DVD, on a double feature with SUNSET ON THE DESERT-1942, (see Post #485, page 25.) The Alpha NEVADA CITY print has a Republic Eagle logo at the front, which is wrong for the original release period and a generic "The End". No end Republic Logo or end credits.

Roy plays a character named, 'Jeff'. He's a driver for a stage line owned by George Cleveland, Sally Payne, and, her kid brother, Billy Lee. Gabby is Roy's shot-gun guard.

Roy, Billy Lee, Sally Payne, Gabby.jpg

Roy and George Cleveland.

The stage line is being attacked by Fred Kohler, Jr., known as 'Black Bart', who leaves poems at the scenes of his crimes.

Fred Kohler, Jr.
Black Bart.JPG

Cleveland thinks 'Black Bart' is working for, railroad builder, Joseph Crehan, to drive the stage line out of business.

Joseph Crehan.

Actually, Kohler is attacking the stage line and the railroad for Pierre Watkin, who wants to take over both companies.

Kohler and Watkin.

Outlaw, Black Bart, complete with poems, was a real Old West stagecoach robber. We know this because he was arrested by both, Jim Hardie, Special Investigator for Wells Fargo and Matt Clark, Railroad Detective.

Roy has a nice conversation with Joseph Crehan about stages and railroads, and uses the term 'on the level'. This refers to a stretch of the road, railway or highway, that is level or smooth riding, no worries about upgrades or downgrades.

Sally Payne, who made nine movies with Roy, is Roy's romantic interest. This is a change from her usual comic relief girlfriend of the female lead. She's still funny here, too.

Sally Payne.

use this one maybe.jpg

Sally, Roy.jpg

Kohler starts to court Sally, as a way to infiltrate the stage line and use Cleveland to attack the railroad.
Fred, Sally.jpg

When Roy finds out that Kohler is writing Sally poetry, Roy realizes Kohler may be 'Black Bart'.

In an unusual scene, Kohler is playing piano for Sally, and Roy sings along, sort of at Kohler, using phrases from one of 'Black Bart's' crime scene poems!!
5728-2 singing.jpg

Songs bring us to the missing five minutes. IMDB lists two songs for NEVADA CITY. The above song, 'Stars Over The Prairie' and 'Prairie Serenade', which is missing.

A good spot for a song is where we see Roy, Gabby, and Billy Lee, riding on the stage, right before an exciting scene where they race Crehan's locomotive to a crossing.
comb 2.jpg

Of course this is another Roy Rogers crime spree. Reckless endangerment, risking a catastrophe, and endangering a minor.

Note in the above montage, Billy Lee trips and falls while Gabby is ranting at Crehan and Roy picks up Billy without missing a beat. Actors always keep going. Only the director can yell, "Cut!".

Back to repeat offender Roy. Later Roy and Gabby are arrested for interfering with law officers and for being in cahoots with 'Black Bart'. And, of course, they break jail!

With Sid Saylor in jail.

Pierre Watkin brought to justice.

There's more train action in the finale with Roy's double jumping from stunt Trigger to the moving train and running across the tops of the rail cars. Real Roy may be in there too.

At, I found information that the train, in this movie, was built in 1893 and was owned by Paramount Studios and rented to Republic for NEVADA CITY. In 2018, the train is still on display at a train museum in Carson City, Nevada.

nv1 2.jpg

2018 Nevada State RR Museum Carson City Nevada.jpg

nevada-city-nicer color.jpg

Roy and Trigger with a different train.
18 Train engine not in this movie.jpg

Nevada City- cut YouTube. Wrong Republic logo, Hollywood Television Logo at end, but has end credits.
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