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Rotel RDV-985 multiregion DVD player; incompatible disc? (1 Viewer)

Arun Vajpey

Stunt Coordinator
May 18, 2001
I think this is the column to ask about my problem, but if the moderators feel otherwise, please relocate it as you feel appropriate.
I have a 2 year old Rotel RDV-985 multiregion DVD player and so far have had no problem whatsoever with over 400 R1, R2, R4 or R5 DVDs, including some 50 'Bollywood' Indian movies, which are usually labelled "Region Free NTSC". I recently purchased the DVD of the recent Indian blockbuster "Aankhen", also similarly labelled 'Region-Free NTSC'. When I tried to play it, my Rotel failed to recognise it and spat it out. Thinking I had a faulty disc, I informed the dealer (whom I know personally) and he sent me a replacement before returning the original ...but the new DVD turned out to have exactly the same problem. Then I discovered that both DVDs played perfectly on my PC player!. When I got back to the dealer, he felt this might be a "software incompatibility problem" but did not know how to rectify it.
He will accept a return/refund of the DVDs, but I want to see the film. Could any forum friend please tell me if there is any way that I can change the setting on my Rotel to enable this DVD to play? I'll be eternally grateful for any advice.
For your info, the DVD is made by VIDEO SOUND INC of Edison, NJ and has the catalog number VSVS0402. Underneath this catalog number, MF417 is printed.

Michael Reuben

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Feb 12, 1998
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Michael Reuben
This is the right forum, but your original thread title ("Someone please help me with my problem") isn't likely to attract much attention. I've retitled the thread with more specific information.

It's not uncommon to find incompatiblities between specific titles and specific player models. Sometimes the manufacturer offers upgraded firmware that addresses the problem, but I doubt that's the case here. I suspect your only solution will be to use a different player for this one disc. Sorry!


andrew markworthy

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Sep 30, 1999
Arun, I hope you find someone to help you with your specific problem, but just to reinforce Michael in saying that sometimes there can be a specific mismatch between a disc and player. E.g. I've had no problems in 200+ titles with my Panasonic player, except for some perverse reason with the 'Dragnet' title. However, this disc plays without a problem on friends' players (which incedentally have problems with a far higher percentage of other discs).

Antonio Silva

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 12, 2000
Arun Vajpey,
Just an hour ago i had (and still have but...) a problem with a dvd i purchased. It's a box-set containing 2 dvds and a cd from a Norway metal band. I first bought this box-set a week ago. Couldn't play disc one, the player didn't load it. The second disc played without problems. Having 100 + dvds in my collection and never a problem, i thought it was simply a faulty disc. Returned the box-set for a new one, placed the first disc in the player and...nothing. Still not loading. Tried it on a pc and it worked fine. Tried again on my player...nothing.
After messing around with the disc, trying to enter it through a specific chapter or title, by chance i discovered how to play it:
After inserting the disc, when the loading sign appears flashing, press stop. The player should read "Title 1 Chapter1". Then press play and it will get you to the credits of the dvd. From there it works fine. Press menu and enjoy.
Why doesn't this dvd play on my dvd player (Toshiba SD-2109 Region Free chipped)? I don't know.
I bet it's like andrew markworthy said:
If your player doesn't reject the disc, try messing with chapters and titles and see if you can enter it somehow. I found a way for my problem. Maybe you will too.
best of luck,

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