Room-specific question re: DLP vs. front projector and screen

Discussion in 'Displays' started by dimsumfan, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I have a window-less 11-1/2' x 18' room that will be used primarily for home theater use.

    No games...mostly movies and occasional TV. I'm seeing the $1100 deal on the Mitsubishi WD-73C10 and wondering if I'll be happy with that, which will result in considerable savings compared to the Epson 8100 projector and a 92" screen as the other option. (Plus that second option comes with costs for electrician, drywall, painting, etc.)

    Will the DLP be too much of a compromise?

    Also, I understand that with the DLP, viewing will be decent for four people seated across the room, but I've heard that vertical viewing can suffer if eyes are not level with the screen. The screen would sit on a stand that's already about 30" high. Will someone sitting on the floor suffer from poor viewing quality?

    I'll have a quality sound system in either scenario.

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    Welcome to Home Theater Forum Jay. I haven't seen any of the current Mits DLP TVs so I can't comment on the verticle viewing. If the set does have that issue it would be because of the screen used, NOT because its a DLP. That is a pretty good deal to get a 73" TV for that price, especially one that is 3D ready. The Epson is discontinued so I'm not sure what pricing on it is. Have you seen the Mits? How often do you think the floor will be used for seating? I would recommend that you see if one is available locally to look at. There is a dealer locater on their website: If you can look at it and its not an issue, then I would say you can't beat the deal go for the Mits. If it bothers you and you plan on using floor seating a lot then it would probably be worth it to spring for the extra to avoid the problem.
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    I've also read about the viewing problem if you're not pretty level with the screen. It also suffers if you're too far off to the side.

    Your TV stand is definitely too tall for that TV also. The guys are using a stand about 12" tall. I've been checking into these TV's also. Also be aware you have to change the bulb approx. every 3000 hours, and they're about $100.

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