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Apr 1, 2020
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I have to arrange a HT in a dedicated room, its dimensions are 19’ 8” x 8’ 6”, but the problem is its height: 6’ 10”...
It’s obviously a very reflective environment and you can hear a lot of echoes when you talk because the walls are flat with no objects right now.
I want to get a good result, but I need advice on what to use: traps, sound-absorbing panels all over the place, curtains...?
Any help will be highly appreciated, thank you.

Bob Bielski

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May 29, 2016
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Robert Bielski
I will post some links for you. Absorption is tricky because it affects the overall energy or volume of Certain frequencies. High frequencies are absorbed easier than lows. Diffusion is a way to minimize reflections coming at you and getting in the way of the original signal, and the energy in the room stays the same. and doesn't act like equalization by absorbing some frequencies, highs, and not others, lows, Bass traps are fantastic in the live room you are describing, but they are very expensive. Read as much as you can and save as much money as you can to improve the biggest problems first. I always had a problem with boom in the room. Overloaded room gain, very live room with lonnnnng decay rate so standing wave issues and very limited volume to keep away from distortion, and boom. Don't go down the rabbit hole in search of perfection, it will elude you and bankrupt you too LOL.
Check out the forum from Brian Dobbs. Much much information to help you.
Building a Home Theater? Start Here.
Help with subwoofer placement.
This site is quite informative. scroll everywhere and explore each topic. There is some visual diagrams as well.
A few easy do it yourself improvements, namely platforms for your speakers.
Make sure you watch the video. VERY explanatory and fascinating science.
This is another platform.

By the time you read all this stuff the world will have expired and the virus will be gone.
No really there is a lot to learn but just the idea that you wanted to find this shit out tells me you are going to have a killer system.
I have a million more but a lot of stuff that is overkill for the average home theater enthusiast.
Get rid of the springy slap that bounces around the room. And try to get the boom in control. that way you can play louder and enjoy.
Stay safe and share any updates when you are able to get it all up and running. Best of luck.

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