Room Layout Help - My 1st Real HT!!!

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  1. Chris Wittry

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    Ok, the time for lurking is over. I've put in my time reading threads and have made the decision to put together my 1st HT. I've just bought a new house and have a room in the basement that I have decided to use for the HT.
    I currently have a 25" TV and cheap surround sound, but will be upgrading to a 45"-60" RPTV and a nicer sound system. The ceiling is white drop tiles and the room is currently wood paneled, although I plan on getting rid of that and sheetrocking it. Here's the layout, please let me know what you think for placement of components, size of tv, type of components, etc... Thanks!!! [​IMG]
    For some reason the pic doesn't always show up (it's only 3.5K), so if you can't see it, here's a link to the file . Thanks!
  2. Dan Mercier

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    Well it looks like your layout is kind of screwed up because of all the doors.
    I have a 12' wide basement and have one end completely used up by my equipment.
    It's just wide enough to fit the TV, Speakers, and equipment all on oone wall.
    I'm guessing the doors are not optional.
    I would suggest putting your equipment underneath the windows with the TV maybe
    in the middle allowing you seating completely around it.
  3. Joseph Hoetzl

    Nov 28, 2000
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    I second that setup. If you use the room in the other direction, the split height ceiling will most likely cause oddities. I would however, put the TV on the other wall, so that your sound is projecting into the larger height ceiling. The only problem I see with that is you would want to tint the windows and/or put very dark/thick curtains on the them.
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