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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Allen Marshall, Dec 19, 2003.

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    without being a picky person..

    what kind of sub would be needed to fill a 15x15 room?
    what kind of sub would be needed to fill a 25x25 room?
    how bout 25x40?

    im interesting in finding out what kind of sub (driver size) would be needed to fit rooms of certain size.

    is it humanly possible for a 8" sub to do better then a 12" sub without sabotaging the 12"?

    how big of a room can a PB2+ fill?
    Is any room to big for a B4+?
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    It really depends on the room and the placement of the sub in it. Driver size is not the major limiting factor, it is the sub's design. A more potent sub will not have to work as hard in a 15x15 room vs a 25x25 room.

    I have only heard one or two 8" subs that actually impressed me, besting more expensive subs with larger drivers.

    I have a VTF2 in a ~22x20 with high vaulted ceilings room, and it is able to activate the whole room at just 30% gain.

    Square rooms are not good - cancellation will be a problem.

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