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    When we moved into our house the previous owners had put on a new roof the previous summer. The house is a T shape, both parts being about equal size and devided in the attic by a firewall. Our first winter we had a leak caused by an ice build up in the valley between the two parts. Our roof was snow free while our neighbours were still covered. The next summer I found out why. There was no roof ventilation except for two small gable end vents on the front of the house. The leak was in the back section.

    I went up in the summer and added two passive vents to the back half and did ventilated aluminum soffits on one half of the back.

    A winter went by no problem but this winter the same place leaks. All week its been snow in the morning, above zero C every afternoon. I went up yesterday and broke away four inches of ice that was built up in the valley. The leak is much slower but still going.

    Should I put in more vented soffit and another vent in the front part?

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    "and the wind is howling"

    "kids are crying cause the sheets are so cold"

    "woke this morning and my hands were frozen"

    "tried to fix the fire. but you know the damn things to old"


    Find out where it's coming in first. Vents can't hurt.

    If the problem persists try a roof heater on the 2 V's.

    You could always get the guys that reroofed the place to take a look and offer suggestions.


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