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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dick, Jul 15, 2002.

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    This questions hasn't been asked in existing threads that I can find, and even Philips web site is no help, so I hope this is appropriate: Ron (or anyone), can the Philips unit play back DVD-R discs prododuced on the Panasonic DMR-E20? I created many discs on this machine before it broke down (Panasonic was unable to repair it, so I now have a Circuit City store credit, enough for the Philips, which I am thinking might now be the better machine, but I have strong compatability issues
    regarding previously made discs). Thanks for any info!
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    YES, the Philips DVDR985 will play back DVD-Rs recorded in a Panasonic unit. I use both machines daily for business.

    However, Panasonics won't play discs you record in the Philips. (Boo!)

    The Philips will also play back DVD-RWs recorded in "video mode".

    Based on a head to head comparison, I prefer the Philips. Both the one time use DVD+R and the reusable DVD+RW discs will play in my Sony and Toshiba players at home, which is a big plus. Panasonic's reusable discs will only play in their recorders or some newer Panasonic players.

    Both of these are good machines, though.

    Blanks are cheaper now also. Best Buy had DVD+RWs for $5.00 each last week, and I've found DVD-Rs for $3.99 also around town. Comp USA had some good prices and plenty of discs in all formats as well.

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