Romancing the Stone Missing Subtitles

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    It DOES have English and Spanish subtitles that can be switched on from the main menu. That's not what I'm talking about.
    When Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas speak with Juan the bellmaker in the village it looks like there's going to be trouble until he discovers that KT is Joan Wilder, the romance novelist whose books he reads. There's a joke there when he tells all his tough men in Spanish that this is the woman whose books he reads to them on Saturdays. It's in Spanish, but the subtitles are there to let the audience in on the joke.
    Yet, the subtitles aren't there! Apparently, MGM isn't the only studio to trip over this seemingly simple operation.
    It's a shame because the DVD, though almost featureless, is a visual and aural revelation to any fan whose had nothing but the VHS for years. Cheap too.
    Anyway, anyone else confirm this?
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    John Steffens
    I think one of the TV versions did this as well. In fact I know they didn't have this.
    I have been begging Peter S. for a Five Star release of this, maybe this needs to be mentioned if they do decided to go with this.
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    The theatrical version of this film did not have subtitles over that speech. The subtitles were added to subsequent video versions. Likewise with the title indicating the name of the Colombian town when the sister is kidnapped (Cartagena). This was not in the theatrical version, but was put over the initial video release version.

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