Rollout of broadband in UK?

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    Whenever I lived in Ireland I used to connect to msn and pay £30 a month for connection fees and £30 a month for dialup charges. That corresponds to around $138 CAD a month. To think that I now pay only $40 CAD a month for a cable modem internet connection and get 4.6 megabit download speeds and 0.5 megabit upload speeds is mindblowing. How much would a similar speed of connection cost in the UK?
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    Dial-up has improved a lot Aaron. ISPs now offering unmetered access are ten-a-penny. Expect to pay around £15 a month for no-call-charged 56k dial-up.
    Broadband is wobbly at the moment. BT have been very slow in getting it sorted and their own BTOpenworld ADSL ISP often comes under fire for giving poor service.
    ADSL is getting there, it's just taking it's time. Expect to pay around £50 per month for a 512kbps access (if you want higher speeds, better take out a second mortgage).
    However cable modem is rapidly becoming the favourite. This offers a 512 download 128 upload connection, is cheaper to install and is cheaper per month (£33, or £25 if you have you normal phone services through the same company). I'm giving this serious consideration myself now it's available in my area.
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