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Rogers DB-101 vs B&W V202 vs Fluance (1 Viewer)

Steve Griswold

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 3, 2003
I'm in the market for some *decent* speakers now, and I wanted to get some opinions on some speakers that are rather hard to find reviews for. Keep in mind that I'm cheap/poor and I'd rather not break my bank...yet, hence my budget choices.

Current setup:
Pioneer VSX-D711
Wharfedale Modus Movies 5 (satellites...ICK)
JBL PB-12 subwoofer

Speaker choices:
1) Rogers DB-101. I was offered 2 pairs of these for $360 Only complaint I can tell of is lack of bass but I think the sub should take care of that.
2) B&W V202. $125/pair. Haven't been able to find any info on these.
3) Fluance SX-HTB $259

I was thinking of getting the Rogers for front/rear, and maybe the B&W to use 1 as a center and 1 as center-rear if I get a 6.1ch amp down the line. Would that be recommended, or should I save myself money and trouble and go with the Fluance set?

Otherwise, are there any better recommendations for fairly affordable speakers for front/center/surround?

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