Roger Waters - The Wall Live In Berlin - new DVD missing head & tail re:Memorial Fund

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Keith Paynter, Jun 24, 2003.

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    I was happy to pick this up Tuesday, and watched the new documentary first, having seen this concert on LD (still in the collection).

    When I watched the concert, I was disappointed to find it go right into the concert title graphic and the performance - gone is the opening montage of the history of the Berlin Wall's rise and fall, and the live introduction re: the Memorial Fund For Disaster Relief, founded by group Captain Leonard Cheshire, a bomber pilot who bombed Berlin, created with the aim of raising $10 for every life lost in international conflict.

    "This will create a permanent fund of one billion dollars, the income from which will be used to relieve disasters in perpetuity, creating a living memorial to those whose lives were lost. For every life lost....a life saved."

    The Memorial Fund no longer exisits in its original form, but the loss of this footage diminishes part of the purpose of the concert.

    I guess my LD won't be retired after all. The new DVD looks and sounds superb, but I am disappointed by this removal.

    A souvenir audience face mask explains the event here (from's memorabilia gallery)
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    Well, the problem is that if people think that this charity is still around, they might try to send money to it. I have no problem with the footage being cut.

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