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    Here's something I think should be called to your attention.

    Many of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals were originally, if not at some point, released by 20th Century Fox.

    Although the Samuel Goldwyn Company acquired the theatrical distribution rights to two R & H musicals, "South Pacific" and "Oklahoma!" (they currently now lie with MGM), CBS always had the video rights. For the record, 20th Century Fox still holds the copyright for "South Pacific", while the estates of R & H hold the copyright for "Oklahoma!".

    Which now brings us to a collectors alert...a couple of years back, CBS/Fox video released a DVD box set of all the R & H musicals they hold the video rights to (at least at that time), including "King And I", "State Fair" (1942 version), "The Sound Of Music", and the aforementioned "South Pacific" and "Oklahoma!".

    Since Paramount has now taken over the CBS/Fox video library, we now have a confusing issue. Do the video rights to "South Pacific" and "Oklahoma!" now lie with Paramount (since CBS is now part of the Viacom family), or should MGM Home Entertainment now have the rights (since they now hold distribution rights)?

    In any event, get the R & H DVD box set while you probably won't see it again in any form.
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    Interesting questions. By the way, 20th Century-Fox originally only had rights to the Cinemascope version of "Oklahoma!" for theatrical release. Goldywn acquired the rights, at one time, to the Todd AO version. As I'm sure you are aware of, they are different films - shot separately (except for some second unit work which was shot with Todd AO and Cinemascope cameras side by side).

    2002 is the Richard Rodgers Centennial.

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