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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by BradJudy, Oct 9, 2005.

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    It wasn't well advertised here, but last weekend there was a major audio show in Denver with dozens of rooms showing high-end audio equipment. It was almost entirely two-channel related, but a significant number of the companies make matching components for hote theater use.

    Here's a few different sites with some coverage of the event:

    Enjoy the Music:

    Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi

    My own coverage is spread across a few pages (all linked from the main page and to/from each other):

    Most of the stuff was crazy expensive (most systems were more than $10k for speakers/amps/preamp/CD player - a number over $50k - a few over $100k), so it's like spending the day test driving cars you can't afford - fun, but not very productive. [​IMG] There were some resonably priced systems there from some familiar faces around here (AV123, Aperion).
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    Dang, I was busy all weekend and missed it.

    Thanks for some coverage here on it all.

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