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    it has two outputs going to multi dish switch i have a extra switch its a 500 dish what next will i still only need one lead going into the house do the two dishes have to close together
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    It sounds like you have a Dish500 with 2 dual LNB's. One output of each LNB is running into an SW21 switch and a single coax is running from the switch to the receiver.
    Here is the easiest and cheapest way:
    You would buy a Twin LNB for your Dish500 to replace your existing dual LNB's. You would also buy as Dish300 with no LNB. Use one of your existing LNB's on the 300. You will be limited to 2 receivers in your system. The diagram is above. Dish300(no LNB) + Twin LNB = 116.85
    The SW44 switch is another option. This switch is put in place of you current SW21. The output of the SW44 is combined with the other satellite using your SW21. It's called cascading switches. You will be limited to 2 receivers that will get channels from all three satellites and 2 receivers that will get channels from the satellites the Dish500 sees. Dish300 (w/LNB) + SW44 = 154.80
    The last option is the SW64 switch. Remove your current SW21 switch and replace it with the SW64. The SW64 has inputs for three LNB's. All four receivers can get signals from all three satellites. Dish300 (w/LNB) + SW64 = 194.80
    All of my prices (+shipping) come . I have dealt with them before and they are very helpful.
    All of my examples will work with your single receiver and allow additional receivers as you need them. All of these switches are waterproof (I mount mine under the eve of the roof) so you will only need one coax going into your house. However, if you add receiver(s) you will have to add a run of coax per receiver. Also it's best to keep the dishes close to keep the coax runs shorter, but you can mount the 300 anywhere as long as the total length of coax is under 100 feet (dish to receiver). You can go longer, but signal strength will start to suffer.

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