Robbery Homicide Division

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by WaveCrest, Jul 24, 2008.

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    I've done a forum search and the only existing thread for Robbery Homicide Division was a thread about the three unaired episodes (episodes 11, 12 and 13).

    I would love to see this underrated cop drama released on DVD. I only saw the first 3 episodes before Sky One took the show off. ITV3 or ITV4 screened these episodes and the remaining 10 episodes a year or two later but I missed them.

    Loved the way the show was shot. I remember reading that it was expensive to make as it was shot mostly on location. In hindsight it reminded me of the films Collateral and Heat (especially the former). When RHD originally aired in the US the ratings weren't good and it was taken off and moved to Saturday nights. I'm sure it did a bit better in the ratings, yet it was cancelled after a week or two on Saturday nights.
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    I remember the series as well. Tom Sizemore from Heat was the star of the short lived series which ran on USA Network in the United States.
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    The show re-ran on USA Network, and I think the previously unaired episodes may have run there as well, but the show originated on CBS.
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    I was curious about the show since it was done under the auspices of Michael Mann, but CBS aired it against "LAW & ORDER: SVU" (which couldn't have pleased Universal, since they produced both shows), and I could only tape one, so "RHD" lost out. I saw an episode on Sleuth and it looked interesting. I hope Universal will consider putting the series on DVD.
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    RHD was essentially Michael Mann doing a television version of HEAT, only with Tom Sizemore playing the Al Pacino position. The stated point of view in making the series was to show the non-glitzy side of Los Angeles and all the other areas that people never see. So it had a much more urban and grim feeling than any of the usual views of Beverly Hills or Malibu.

    Having watched the pilot and one or two episodes, the strong impression I had was that it never really caught fire. It definitely looked interesting, but there just wasn't any "there" there.

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