Robbery (1967) Stanley Baker crime film - new to DVD

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    Stanley Baker (Hell is a City (1960), Zulu (1964)) was one of Britain's biggest stars in the early 1960s, making his name in gritty crime films but proving that he could work in other genres, from biblical epics to Rocky Mountain adventures.

    Towards the end of the decade his star began to fade, but he looked to come back with a retelling of the infamous Great Train Robbery of 1963 and in co-production with Joseph E. Levine he created Robbery (1967) - a fictional story but with an accurate recreation of the train heist and an absolutely gripping car chase courtesy of Peter Yates (Bullitt (1968)).

    This is certainly one for fans of Stanley Baker, heist movies or just good car chases.

    Long awaited on DVD, this title will be released on 21st July 08 by Optimum UK. The print is solid but sadly open-matte and there are zero extras.

    The first full review is here: Robbery.
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    The new Network Blu-ray (also available on DVD) is a massive improvement over this now-outdated and superfluous disc, which is also still available from Amazon UK and should be avoided.
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