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Rob Lutter's End of Summer DVD BLOWOUT!

Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by Rob Lutter, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Rob Lutter

    Rob Lutter Producer

    Nov 3, 2000
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    James Bond DVDs ($15 each shipped)
    -Dr. No
    -From Russia with Love ([non-SE]$10 SHIPPED)
    -You Only Live Twice
    -Casino Royale
    -Live and Let Die
    -The Man with the Golden Gun
    -The Spy Who Loved Me (SEALED)
    -Moonraker (SEALED)
    -For Your Eyes Only
    -License to Kill
    -Tomorrow Never Dies
    -Die Another Day (w/ slipcover)

    (all 15 for $170 SHIPPED w/ free insurance)

    Ceres - Collection 1 (2DVDs/12eps) - $18 SHIPPED
    Excel Saga (6DVDs/26eps) - $40 SHIPPED [DVDs 3-6 still SEALED]
    Genesis Climber Mospeada (5DVDs/25eps) - $20 SHIPPED

    Austin Powers: Platinum + Austin Powers 2: Platinum - $10 SHIPPED
    Beauty and the Beast: Platinum Edition (2DVD/OOP) $35 SHIPPED
    Better Off Dead - $10 SHIPPED
    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey - $10 SHIPPED
    Braveheart - $8 SHIPPED
    Bubba Ho Tep - $7 SHIPPED (rental, plays perfect on my player)
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang SE (2DVD/Widescreen) - $13 SHIPPED
    Elephant - $10 SHIPPED
    Ford Fairlane, the Adventures of - $5 SHIPPED
    The Italian Job (new version) - $7 SHIPPED
    Jaws: 25th Anniversary Edition - $7 SHIPPED
    Kingpin: SE - $7 SHIPPED
    Mean Girls - $10 SHIPPED
    Spike Jonze, The Work of Director - $11 SHIPPED
    Spellbound (documentary) - $10 SHIPPED
    Revenge of the Nerds/Revenge of the Nerds II - $9 SHIPPED

    As always, if you buy more than 1 DVD, prices are negociable. Included shipping is First Class mail before 1lb of product and Priority after that (usually 3-4 DVDs), with insurance available upon request. I am an HTF Gold Trader and I accept both PayPal and Official USPS Money Orders for payment. If you pay via PayPal, I should have the discs out by the next day (note: I will be out of town from August 18th -> 22nd on business, discs will ship immediately afterwards if ordered during that period).

    As for trades, I am interested in anime and hong kong cinema (as long as it has english subtitles and isn't a boot, I don't care which region), so send me a list of titles if you would like to make an offer for some of the DVDs on my list.

    More titles to be added after I coerce myself to further thin my collection. [​IMG]

    Send me and email to [email protected] or post here if you are interested. Thanks for lookin'! [​IMG]
  2. Scott Lund

    Scott Lund Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 15, 2000
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    Sent you an email Rob.

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