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RIP - last of the Dead End Kids

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Steve...O, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Steve...O

    Steve...O Producer

    Dec 31, 2003
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    I'm a big fan of the Dead End Kids/East Side Kids/Bowery Boys films and was greatly saddened to hear of the death of Bernard Punsly, the last surviving member of the Dead End Kids.

    This gentleman wisely left acting after the Dead End Kids series ran its course and went into a long and very successful career in medicine. As a result he didn't have the messed up life that Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, and to a lesser extent, Huntz Hall, had.

    TORRANCE, Calif. - Bernard Punsly, the last surviving member of the ``Dead End Kids,'' a band of teen actors who starred in a number of films in the 1930s and 1940s. He was 80.

    Punsly, who later became a doctor and practiced for almost 50 years in the Los Angeles area, died Tuesday at the hospital where he formerly served as chief of medicine, his son said.

    Punsly began his professional acting career at age 8 in a Broadway play called ``I Love an Actress.''

    At the age of 12, Punsly was cast as ``Milty'' in the play ``Dead End,'' which ran for two years on Broadway. He went on to play the same character in the movie that starred Humphrey Bogart.

    The film spawned a phenomenon that stretched over two decades, with the actors portraying the characters as victims of society in a series of films with both
    original and new actors. Two of the Dead End Kids went on to make comedy films as ``The Bowery Boys'' after World War II.

    Punsly had parts in 18 other films, including ``Angels with Dirty Faces'' in 1938 and ``Hell's Kitchen'' in 1939.
  2. Randy Korstick

    Randy Korstick Producer

    Feb 24, 2000
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    R.I.P. indeed.
    Another big fan here particularly of the Bowery Boys films. The 48 Bowery Boys films with at least a little bit of clean up done are one of my dream DVD releases.

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