RIP Donald Krim, Kino founder and president

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Bob Cashill, May 23, 2011.

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    Don was a true gentleman. When I was a Vice President with RHR Filmedia back in the '80s we handled the 16mm distribution of the Kino library. I met Don and Dennis Doros back then. I fondly remember a weekend trip to Rhinebeck with Don and Dennis for a showing of the restored Queen Kelly. Eventually I found myself working for Don as a salesman for the Kino home video line in the very early days of the home video industry. We kept out tapes (VHS & Beta) in a large storage cabinet and would insert the monochromatic sleeves into the clam shell cases before shipping. Matter of Heart, the C.G. Jung documentary was Kino's first big home video title. Over the years I would see Don at the occasional VSDA (Video Softweare Dealers Association) show in Las Vegas or on a trip back to NYC. I have profoundly warm memories of knowing him and working for him. He will be missed.

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